We Protect Your Investment From the Elements offering:
Home weatherization, log replacement, chink replacement,  Log Furniture and Interior finishing, railings, countertops,
handcrafted log cabins, stained glass & much more.

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The "Seascape" (above) measures 13" x 14" and         incorporates a 5"x 6" blue agate. It also has 6 bubble bevels and has ruby, sapphire, turquoise lime and moss green colored glass. Designed as an underwater scene, look again, some have told us it also looks like a whale.

Wavy back bench with natural branch frame.        Hand hewn & buffed cabinet.

Listen to the governor and weatherize your home! What has struck us immensely in the past several years is the high cost of unnecessary repairs people have had done on their homes. Unnecessary? Yes, because a few simple steps and preventative maintenance actions were not done in a timely manner, the results were restorative repairs being required to safeguard the integrity of the home. Don't wait for the fall rush. Log homes should be inspected every Spring for damage and rot.

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See our railings that showcased in the Parade of Homes.

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