ABR X100, Symphony and Transformation:
Avalanche carries a full line of Sashco log home products: stains, sealants, chink, and caulk. In addition we carry cleaning products such as Penetreat (below) and bug/mildew treatments. Everything you need if you want to do it yourself. Available stains are: ABR X100, and Capture (This Page), High Sierra, Capture and Cascade (Next Page).


Don't paint it or Stain it. Accentuate the natural color & beauty of wood.      X-100 Natural Seal is a Finish and Stain in one. This product extends the color fastness of your wood; eliminates the need to remove mill glaze; extends the life of your wood by using the first step of a proven two step system; stabilizes your wood for continued wood and finish protection; protects future finishes from failing; cracking; chipping; peeling and premature fading. X-100 Natural Seal Finishes last longer when compared to most paints and stains. X-100 Natural Seal maintains a more brilliant magnification of color. X-100 Natural Seal exhibits outstanding water repellency and protects wood. Cedar Tone: gold & brown, Cabin Brown, Clear, Dove Grey, Pickle White, Redwood, Weathered Grey, Cabin Grey, Taupe, Dark Taupe, Coco, Terra Cotta, Stonehedge, Forest Green, Historic Green, Chamois, Weathered Creosote. 

SymphonyTM Clear Interior Log Coating

It's music to your eyes. When applied to bare wood, SymphonyTM  enhances the natural grain of your logs by creating the illusion of depth. It's clear, non-yellowing formula allows then natural color of wood to shine through. It's water-based, completely VOC compliant, has no offensive odor and can be easily applied by spray. (SymphonyTM is available in 1- and 5-gallon containers.) SymphonyTM, gloss or satin, is the beautiful way to protect the natural elegance of interior logs.

Coverage: smooth wood 1st coat: 200-300 sq. ft. per gallon.

Recommended for all wood before staining. This borate preservative is highly toxic to wood-destroying insects and fungi and prevents infestation when properly applied; yet the treated wood is non-toxic to humans or    animals. If your logs have checks; apply some dry Penetreat® and if moisture occurs the Penetreat is there to work for you.

      This Product Goes Over your Original Stain!
Try the new Transformation stain --restore what nature destroyed. Beautiful translucent    finish, ultra water repellency, easy application, extreme UV       protection, restoration tested for compatibility over a wide variety of stains. 

Colors (left to right) available in Brown Tone, Red Tone, Gold Tone in light, medium and dark & Natural and Gray

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