From sun-catchers to lamps we can make it for you. We have over 10 years combined experience making stained glass creations. Give us your idea and color preferences and we will create it. Mosiacs, door/cabinet panels, lamps, counter/table/cabinet inlays, window hangings and more.

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This tulip design window hanging measures 14" x 16" and comes with hanging chain. It features ruby, sapphire, green and white iridized glass.  Designed for a foyer, It has four square corner bevels that sparkle in the sunlight.                             

Stained Glass cabinet doors beautify a rustic kitchen. Colored or clear glass doors give your otherwise ordinary cupboards style.

These large 50" by 38" windows resides in a Church in Marion Michigan. The dove 22" X 15" made of white iridized glass and holds a gold "ring" in her mouth. The 37 piece beveled cross measures 20" X 15" with an Amethyst,  center, pale gold and white glass. Royal blue, red, gold, green & deep purple       complete the window.

The 32 piece star    incorporates 10
separate bevels and      includes light gold, white and amethyst pieces. It measures 20.5" x 17".       

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