If you can dream it, we can build it.

From character trees climbing to your ceiling to hand-crafted bars, table tops and counter tops at a fraction of the cost of granite but just as beautiful. If you are looking for something unique for your home, tell us what it is and we can probably make your dream come true.

(right) Window seat built into wall with pine log    support to ceiling. Riverbed stone box beneath it.

(left) The "Night Log"
Select the number of shelves you want and the inlay materials. Led back-lit  (above) close up of ("night log" inlay)

(left) Cedar, black walnut and cherry wood bed frame.

(right) Close-up of a "river" inlay: turquoise, hematite, aventurine, unakite, petosky & arrowheads. We can even use your keepsakes or mementos.

(above) Table with stone inlay shown right from "A River Runs Through It" line of vanities, counter-tops and tables.

(left) Coat tree made of red cedar and burls. Just to the left see how we can turn ordinary doors into works of art to match your décor with our many designs.

(Right) Cabinet made out of a tree. Number of shelves     optional and many sizes  available to fit your space  and purpose. 

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